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My Life Without Fairies.

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Here’s what sex — and other bodily functions — look like in an MRI machine

Ever wonder what’s really going on inside your body? And not just that lame classroom skeleton or those creepy, albeit kind of cool, Bodies exhibitions. No, you want something that really gives a good picture of what’s happening inside your body as you’re moving around… or as something is moving around inside your body.

To give us a better idea of what that kind of stuff looks like, Vox compiled snippets of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans that show just what’s actually happening inside your body in some everyday (and some NSFW) moments.

 Watch: Sex, birth, breathing and more

(vía annadraconida)

Linkin Park release new song ‘White Noise’ for free


Linkin Park are giving away a brand new song titled “White Noise” for free. The track will appear on the soundtrack of the new film Mall, which was directed by the band’s very own Joe Hahn. Stream and download the song for free below by clicking “Read More”

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I’ve been working on watercolor paintings of space~

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